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what are varicose veins?

Despite what you have been told, varicose veins are not caused by things like hot baths, crossing your legs, waxing, pregnancy, and family history. These are simply factors that encourage and exacerbate the tendency for these unsightly veins to develop. 

Rather, varicose veins relate to valves inside the legs not coping with the vertical pressures of being upright. Large varicose veins generally require surgical treatment in hospital. Smaller varicose veins can be treated with a technique called Sclerotherapy. Treatments are done over a period of a few months to achieve a good result.

Varicose veins: a condition in which veins just below the skin become abnormally swollen, twisted and lumpy. This mostly occurs in the legs.

Spider veins: a branched growth of dilated capillaries resembling a spider.

Capillary: the smallest blood vessels connecting arteries with veins.