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The Treatment Plan

Most people that we treat have a combination of both the tiny thread veins and bigger blue feeding veins from which the smaller ones originate or are fed. As explained previously some patients will need to be referred to a surgeon, for the ‘in house’ Radio Frequency Ablation of the veins, or for those patients requiring surgery, to our vascular surgeons, Dr Russel Britz (Sir Donald Gordon Hospital) or Dr Carrim (Milpark Hospital) before we embark on clearing the leftover veins and thread veins.

When treating veins it is vital to understand that Sclerotherapy is not a ‘one-time’ thing.

Although improvement is often seen after the first treatment, multiple Sclerotherapy treatments may be necessary to achieve results. The number of treatments you will require depends upon many things including the extent of your vein disease, your individual response to treatment, and your compliance with after treatment instructions.

Other factors include: age, skin type, general health, the occupation of the patient, diabetes, standing for many hours, smoking – these are just a few examples of the many aspects which influence results. It is not uncommon to have 6 or more treatments in difficult cases.

From the above you will realise that it is impossible to give absolutely accurate estimates of exactly how many of the different types of treatments you will need. Therefore the treatment is not sold as a package, but is paid for on a treatment-to-treatment basis with the fees as outlined on the fees page.

A client may prefer not to follow the full program recommended, but may wish to treat only one particular area or have only one type of treatment. We will accede to any program of treatment to match the individual’s preferences, provided we are confident of still achieving the required result. It is vital that we do not create false expectations – if what you ask for is not achievable, we reserve the right to refuse to treat you!

However, putting aside financial constraints, in this modern day of treating disfiguring veins, the use of the above forms of treatment by a skilled and experienced team, make it possible to achieve outstanding results in almost all cases.