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Thermo-Coagulation (lamprobe)

We have incorporated a Thermo-coagulation device (Lamprobe) in the practice which is very successfully used for the spider veins on the face. Sclerotherapy is very seldom successful on the face. However, as mentioned previously, Dr Retief may decide that a particular patient warrants micro-Sclerotherapy on the face. In these cases this is done by Dr Retief himself. Occasionally Dr Retief may add Thermo-Coagulation to a program of Sclerotherapy of spider veins on other parts of the body. This is mostly in very fair skinned patients. This machine is able to treat these tiny veins using Thermo-Coagulation based on a radio frequency technology.

You may still come across therapists that recommend Electro-Cautery of the veins. This treatment method has been found to have very poor results often resulting in permanent marking of the skin.