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This is an injection of a solution into a vessel in order to provoke a reaction in the injected vessel. This reaction is called ‘sclerosis’ of the vessel. This means that the walls of the vessel become inflamed and as a result harden and grow closed.

Over the past century various injection solutions have been used with variable results. However, the success and safety of this technique has dramatically improved through the understanding that we need different solutions and concentrations for different types and sizes of disfiguring veins.

With the above in mind, Sclerotherapy is able to treat from tiny thread veins to varicose veins that don’t require surgery. This is its particular strength. Unfortunately, it is also the case that in unskilled hands Sclerotherapy may have various repercussions such as tissue breakdown, pigmentation and poor results. However, in our clinic we pride ourselves in having achieved a relatively unique standard, using various internationally accepted sclerotherapy techniques. Our veins clinic thus has an excellent record of 80 – 90% clearance of thread veins, with no side effects.

Micro-Sclerotherapy is the term used when treating the tiny spider/thread veins on any area of the body, although seldom the face. On the face a laser or radiofrequency process is mostly used. In this clinic Micro-Sclerotherapy is performed by Sister Debbie Rhodes who has trained in this technique both locally and internationally. Sister Rhodes has worked with Dr Retief for the past 16 years. Dr Retief will always be the one treating the bigger blue and varicose veins, but may at times choose to also do the Micro-Sclerotherapy of your spider veins.

As stated above, results of treatment using various Sclerotherapy solutions have been excellent with at least an 80% clearance being the average. However, this success requires multiple treatments with the final result only being evident after anything from 3 to 6 months. Still, the end results have resulted in referrals from all quarters of the medical, cosmetic and aesthetic industry and Dr Retief has been requested to lecture on Sclerotherapy to various groups in the Aesthetic fields.

Over the years Dr Retief has also been asked to assess different treatment modalities, in particular, various new laser devices. All have been disappointing and certainly never achieved the level of clearance achieved with dedicated Sclerotherapy.