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Endovenous Radio Frequency Ablation

In some cases Dr Retief may find clinical evidence, with the aid of an ultrasound, of significant varicose veins that appear linked to malfunctioning large valves in the venous system. Should that situation arise, it may also be necessary to do a more detailed duplex scan called “Venous Mapping.” Should there be no other underlying problems the patient will then be referred for the Endovenous Radio Frequency Ablation procedure.

The closure procedure is performed here at the Waterfall Health Centre on an outpatient basis by a surgeon specialising in Endovenous Radio Frequency Ablation. Using ultrasound, the Surgeon will position the ClosureFAST catheter into the diseased vein through a small puncture in the skin. The tiny catheter powered by radiofrequency energy delivers heat to the vein wall. As the thermal energy is delivered, the vein wall shrinks and the vein is sealed closed. Following the procedure, a simple bandage is placed over the insertion site, and additional compression may be provided to aid healing. Most patients who undergo the Closure procedure typically resume normal activities with 1 – 2 days.

This procedure will improve associated spider and blue veins but they will still require a series of sclerotherapy to provide a satisfactory cosmetic result.